My arrival on St. Helena Island!

Hey Everyone!

I arrived safely on St. Helena Island! Now that I am secure in my accommodation on the island, no longer jetlagged and have managed to acquire WiFi, I am making it a mission to finally update my Blog weekly!  

A quick update! I arrived safely on St. Helena Island! Here is a quick glimpse of my arrival at St. Helena Airport! 

On Saturday, March 10, 2018 I arrived on St. Helena Island, one of the world’s most remote islands located in the South Atlantic Ocean! St. Helena is truly one of the most unique and beautiful islands I have ever visited!

 As the airplane approached the island on Saturday, the volcanic origin of the island was clearly apparent as I observed the rugged black sandy shoreline and rolling hills. Nevertheless, the plane landed safely on the tarmac with a slight sway and cheerful claps from my fellow passengers. Not bad for being called the “the world’s most useless airport!” The St. Helena Airport is relatively new as the first official commercial flights began in October 2017. Previously, the airport was not used due to the intense wind shears on this region of the island which prevented planes from safely landing. However, since the airport has been safely cleared for landing, flights now leave Johannesburg, South Africa in route to St. Helena Island every weekend!

The true remoteness of St. Helena Island hit me like a ton of bricks when I glared at my phone once the plane safely landed and I quickly realized that I had absolutely no bars! ….what?! …eek!

All I saw on my phone was the current time and my battery percentage! Next, my mind immediately raced along to the question: Will I be able to get WiFi???

I soon learned that WiFi on the island is a hot commodity and is quite expensive! Now, I am realizing how I easily took for granted the freely accessible WiFi which is everywhere in the USA. Here on St. Helena Island, your daily Megabyte usage is counted and brings into focus more the remote characteristic of this unique island!

Once I disembarked from the airplane, I was greeted by warm and friendly smiles at the airport. A quick drive from the airport to my accommodation revealed the natural beauty of the island as I took in the island’s diverse landscapes from lush vegetation, desert landscapes, the rocky shoreline and the antiquated capital Jamestown!

I am not only excited to begin my research on this unique island but also for the opportunity to explore the unique endemic plants, wildlife and rich cultural heritage on St. Helena Island!

Exploring the Capital of St. Helena....Jamestown!! 

After getting settled into my accommodation, I ventured out into the streets of Jamestown, capital of St. Helena Island. A quick walk through Jamestown immediately made me feel like I took several steps back in time as I noticed a DVD store, antennas at the sides of buildings and no ATM’s! I will admit at first this was a shock but I think these old school features add to the charm of the capital and certainly forced me to slow down and enjoy the calm life on the island.

During my walk around Jamestown, I was greeted by friendly locals who were eager to welcome me to the island and pointed me in the right direction. When I walked into Anne’s Place, a local restaurant on the island, immediately I was greeted by warm smiles and friendly cheer as I was able to exchange a good conversation with the owners about St. Helenian food! The food on St. Helena Island reflects the historical influences of the Portuguese, African, British, Malay, Chinese and Southeast Asian!

My exploration of Jamestown, St. Helena continues!! ...I am now on the hunt for St. Helenian Food!!