GoFundMe Campaign!

In order to successfully complete this research, I need your help! I have already received support from National Geographic and the Just-Julian Fellowship @ Howard University. However, I need additional funding and support to conduct the downstream molecular genomic analyses on this historic population of Liberated Africans that were discovered on St. Helena Island. Once I complete sample collection of the skeletal remains on the island, I will be conducting ancient DNA extraction, quantification and sequencing on this historic population of Liberated Africans. Understanding the identity of this population of individuals is key in helping to piece together this missing history of the transatlantic slave trade! DNA sequencing will help to piece together this history accurately, unveil the stories of the Liberated Africans and preserve their legacy!

In general, DNA sequencing costs thousands of dollars! I need your help in subdsidizing:

- Cost of DNA sequencing and additional supples required for molecular genomic analyses of ancient skeletal remains.

- Travel & transportation costs to various research facilities in order to successfully conduct DNA sequencing.

Please help me in bringing this research to life!

Not only will you be supporting this research through the successful completion of my doctoral dissertation but you will also help to preserve the legacy of the Liberated Africans on St. Helena Island! Collaborative efforts of the USA, St. Helena and countries in Africa will ensure the continued legacy of the Liberated Africans. Please visit my GoFundMe page today - https://www.gofundme.com/journeytosthelena-com

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